ArchiMate - Implementation and Migration Extensions


The Figure below gives an overview of the implementation and migration elements and their relationships.
ArchiMate - Implementation and Migration Extension Metamodel

Implementation and Migration Concepts

  • Work Package
  • Deliverable
  • Plateau
  • Gap

Work Package

Work Package is a series of actions designed to accomplish a unique goal within a specified time. A Work Package represents actions taken over time, implying a clearly defined start and end date. There should also be goals to meet. Used to model projects. Can be grouped together as part of a program or portfolio.
ArchiMate - Work Package Notation

Example 1

Image result for Work package archimate visual paradigm
For the realization of a new portfolio management application, two constraints are imposed, as shown in the model below: for the realization of the application, Java should be used, and the budget of the implementation project (Work Package) is limited to 500k Euro.

Note That

  • Work Package composed, aggregated of other Work Packages
  • Work Package realises Goal, Requirement, Constraint, Deliverable, Plateau
  • Work Package flows to other Work Package


Deliverable is a precisely-defined outcome of a work package. A Deliverable is the result of something – ideally a work package. This could include reports, papers, software, or even more intangible, such as the new organisational structure resulting from change. However, perhaps more understandably, a deliverable might be the implementation of (a part of) an architecture.
ArchiMate - Deliverable Notation


The proposed project is modeled by a set of work packages and the corresponding deliverables.
Image result for deliverable archimate visual paradigm

Note That

  • Deliverable composed, aggregated of other Deliverables
  • Deliverable realizes Goal, Requirement, Principle, Constraint


Plateau is a relatively stable state of the architecture that exists during a limited period of time. A plateau is a place in time at which point the state of architecture can be described. Best used to show the progression of transition states that architecture can go through as it is fully delivered.
ArchiMate - Plateau Notation


The model below illustrates the use of the plateau concept to model the migration from Baseline to transition architecture, and subsequently to Target Architecture, defining a number of intermediate (possibly alternative) Transition Architectures.
Image result for plateau archimate visual paradigm

Note That

  • Plateau composed, aggregated of and triggers other Plateau
  • Plateau aggregation and realization of Goal, Requirement, Constraint


Gap is an outcome of a gap analysis between two plateaus. Gaps are evident between baseline and target architectures (otherwise there would be no need for anything to be done!). They are identified by comparing elements, e.g. comparing an application

Example 1

This example models and concepts that can be used for specifying the transition from an existing architecture to a desired architecture.
Image result for gap archimate visual paradigm

Example 2

This example illustrates the gap between the Baseline and Target infrastructure, showing which of the elements of the infrastructure are added to or removed from the Baseline.
Image result for gap archimate visual paradigm

Note That

  • Gap composed, aggregated of other Gaps
  • Gap associated with all other elements