ArchiMate Definition

ArchiMate visual modeling notation that would leverage your Enterprise Architecture practice and will help you describe and understand complex systems.

Basic Concepts and Definitions


Introduce basic concepts and terminology:

  • The Enterprise

  • Purpose of Enterprise Architecture

  • The ArchiMate Context

  • Layers

Definition of an Enterprise

Fundamentally this is a collection of Organisations that share the same goal.


  • Government Agency

  • Corporation

  • Division of a Corporation

  • Department

  • Geographically distant organisations linked by common ownership

The definition of Enterprise has been taken from TOGAF® 9, and reflects the common heritage that

ArchiMate now has.

The definition of an enterprise is very broad, ranging from mega-corporations and government departments, through to a single department. The point being made that in each of these examples is a range IT-related issues that must be handled by the architect.

However, in reality, these “definitions” can also be recognized as examples of types of enterprise, each having their own characteristics that must be accommodated by Enterprise Architecture.