ArchiMate - The Core Framework

The idea of layer, is not new. A well-established implementation of architecture layering is used by TOGAF.

Their “Architecture Development Method” addresses a Business, Information System and Technology layer, all of which are matched with the ArchiMate layers. The Information System, according to TOGAF consists of Applications and Data – these are both covered in the ArchiMate Application layer. TOGAF address other are

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The framework is a structure into which the elements of the language can be positioned. However,

there are other elements related to areas such as:

  • Goals, principles, and requirements

  • Risk and security

  • Governance

  • Policies and business rules

  • Costs

  • Performance

  • Timing

  • Planning and evolution

In TOGAF, these new elements are put in the extensions that forms the full ArchiMate framework:

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