ArchiMate Relationships Between Layers

An important architecting issue is the alignment of system to requirement – otherwise referred to as Business / IT alignment. This can be achieved by highlighting the links between elements in their different layers. Three types are key, and they can relate to Business / Application (B/A) and Application / Technology (A/T) relationships:

  1. Used By: which expresses the relationship between behavioural and structural elements, e.g. Application Service used by Business Process (B/A), or Infrastructure Interface used by Application Function (A/T)

  2. Realisation: shows how elements in different layers are “made real”, e.g. Data Object realises Business Object (B/A), Artifact realises Application Component (T/A)

  3. Assignment: this is relevant only in B/A relationships and can be used to indicate degrees of automation. Assignment suggest full automation, e.g. Application Component assigned to Business Process / Function / Interaction. A way to indicate the relationship is less automated

    would be to use the used by relationship.

In the example ArchiMate model below, you can see the integration of the various ArchiMate layers with relationships

Image result for archimate-example-all-layers