Motivation Extension

Motivational concepts are used to model the motivations, or reasons, that underlie the design or change of some enterprise architecture. These motivations influence, guide, and constrain the design.

It is essential to understand the factors, often referred to as drivers, which influence the motivational elements. They can originate from either inside or outside the enterprise. Internal drivers, also called concerns, are associated with stakeholders, which can be some individual human being or some group of human beings, such as a project team, enterprise, or society. Examples of such internal drivers are customer satisfaction, compliance to legislation, or profitability. It is common for enterprises to undertake an assessment of these drivers; e.g., using a SWOT analysis, in order to respond in the best way.

Motivation Metamodel

Figure shows below the metamodel of motivational concepts. It includes the actual motivations or intentions – i.e., goals, principles, requirements, and constraints – and the sources of these intentions; i.e., stakeholders, drivers, and assessments. Motivational elements are related to the core elements via the requirement or constraint concept.

ArchiMate Motivation Extension Metamodel